Delhi Youth Summit on Climate Change (DYSoC) is a pioneering initiative of the Delhi Greens organisation towards engaging, inspiring and training the youth for taking up Environmental Leadership at local, national and global levels. 

The two-day long Delhi Youth Summit on Climate Change is organised once every few years by the Delhi Greens organisation with the agenda of ensuring the participation of the youth in the making of decisions that are going to impact their today and tomorrow. This is done by making an open call to the youth for participating in a two-day long Environmental Leadership Training Programme. The youth who join as delegates in the Summit are also given suitable platforms to raise relevant environmental issues and also provide suitable solutions to these challenges.

The two-day DYSoC event concludes with a Youth Charter, which are the ideas, demands and green solutions of the youth of Delhi. The Youth Charter is then presented to the Government for suitable action and is duly followed-up. It is interesting to note that after the submission of the first such Youth Charter to the Government in 2008, the Government of NCT of Delhi had released a Delhi Climate Action Plan (2009-2012) the following year.

The first Delhi Youth Summit on Climate (DYSoC) had taken place in the year 2008. This was an important year for Youth Action on Climate Change since the Theme of the United Nations International Youth Day in 2008 was Youth and Climate Change: Time for Action. The UN Secretary-General made the following statement that year, and called for the Youth to Team Up! Organise! Take Action! and Celebrate! for creating a better Planet.


“On this International Youth Day, I urge young people around the world to invest their energies and bright ideas into shaping a safer, more sustainable planet.”

– UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon on World Youth Day 2008


Delhi Greens chose to do just that and made a call to the youth to gather at the residence of India’s first Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, at Nehru Memorial Museum & Libary, Teen Murti Bhawan, New Delhi in the same year that Delhi Greens was Founded. The culmination of the First Delhi Youth Summit on Climate Change (DYSoC 2008) led to the initiation of the Youth Climate movement in India. It also created large-scale awareness and sensitivity on the impact of climate change and the need to combat climate change across India and the world.

DYSoC 2018 is the Fourth such Summit being organised by Delhi Greens in partnership with Miranda House, University of Delhi. Come, Be the Change! Click here to Register yourself for DYSoC 2018.