DYSoC 2010

DYSoC 2010 was the second in the series of the DYSoC Summits and took place on 5th and 6th June 2010, to also mark the World Environment Day on 5th June. Like DYSoC 2008, DYSoC 2010 was also hosted at and in collaboration with Nehru Memorial Museum & Library (NMML). The theme of DYSoC 2010 was Urban Biodiversity and it highlighted the need for mainstreaming environmental issues in politics.

DYSoC 2010 was also hosted at and with support from the Nehru Memorial Museum & Library. Since it preceded the hosting of the Convention of Parties (CoP) on Biodiversity by India, the 2nd DYSoC (2010) was themed on Urban Biodiversity. The Summit brought together youth from across India and was a youth leadership platform for environmental protection. Youth delegates from the Summit went back to their respective colleges and initiated environmental projects and campaigns, which were highlighted by the Delhi Greens organisation to raise greater environmental awareness.

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